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Look to us to help create an income, grow your wealth and pass it on efficiently and effectively. Trust us to help protect your family and plan for a long and profitable retirement. Rely on us to help make the most of business sales, inheritances, bonuses, windfalls and winnings.

Wealth management

From helping to kick start your personal wealth plan, to making the most of the opportunities wealth brings – we’ll be with you at every stage of your wealth journey. Whatever your circumstances, we offer wealth planning and investment management that’s appropriate, personal, honest and clear. And whatever your ambitions, we’re there to help you use wealth to enrich your life.

The importance of asset allocation

Experience shows that asset allocation plays a major role in generating investment returns – different asset types, sectors, and geographies each bring with them different opportunities. And with market and economic conditions having such a powerful influence on how different asset classes perform, we know that there’s no room for complacency. Balancing your expectations with your appetite for risk will always be important. But so is up-to-the-minute knowledge and the ability to re-allocate assets nimbly as markets flux and flow. 

A universe of investment opportunities

Your investment manager is always free to use their own judgement in their search for investment opportunities that match your unique plan. We aren’t tied exclusively to our own funds, so we are able to offer you unbiased recommendations from across the universe of investment opportunities. Our award-winning in-house research team provides market intelligence and macro-economic analysis so you can always be sure that we have interrogated each investment, tested its performance, and measured its potential. 

The right approach for you

Our aim is to make your money work as hard as it can for you, within your risk profile and time objectives. This means understanding your ambitions and, in response, investing your money across a selection of assets, that are right for you and enable you to balance risk and return in a sophisticated way. We are always available to you in person, over the phone or by email and we will regularly review your plans to help keep your journey on track

Keeping you up to date

You will receive regular reports on how your portfolio is progressing and you can access up-to-date portfolio valuations online whenever you need them through our MyBrewin portal. Twice a year we’ll send you detailed valuation reports and a comprehensive end-of-year tax schedule to help with your tax return. As a client you can access a range of investment information as well as ideas and opinions that will inform and stimulate your own wealth thinking.

Discretionary management

We manage most of our clients’ investment assets in individual portfolios on a discretionary management basis. This suits clients who want their investments selected and managed to meet their particular needs but who prefer not to be involved in the day-to-day management of them. But we are passionate about managing our clients’ money and are always happy to
explain more about the investment decisions being made for you. 

Advisory Dealing

The Advisory Dealing Service is most often commission-based with fees charged for administration as required. This is a more passive service, where we provide advice to you as to the merits of any investment within the scope of our expertise, only when requested by you to do so. Furthermore, monitoring of the portfolio or individual stocks is not an obligation taken on by ourselves. 

Execution Only

Our Execution Only Service is available to clients who make their own investment decisions and do not require any advice. We will act only when instructions have been received from you. 

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